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2022 Garden Season Reminders
Here are a few important reminders that will add to the success of the 2022 Gardening Season:

1.  Cleaning off equipment and tools:  Please be sure to clean off the tools and equipment after each use.  There are implements in the Field House to help you with this task.  When cleaning the power tools, please be sure to disconnect the power for your own safety!

2.  Returning equipment and tools:  When you leave the garden, please return all tools and equipment to the Field House.  These items do not belong in your plot or outside the Field House.  Wooden handles will rot and metal will rust.  The more we have to replace equipment and tools, the more we will be forced to raise annual garden fees.  Tools are for the use of all gardeners…

3.  Before tilling or getting rid of high weeds:  Please walk your plot to make sure that there are no rocks, equipment or things like tomato cages or string in the plot.  Also, cut down the high weeds first and then weed.  This will make it easier on you.  If using the weed wacker, please thoroughly clean it before returning it to the Field House.

4.  The Dumpster has been removed.  It will not return until the Fall and you will have to haul out your trash.  If you are composting your “good” weeds, please be sure to haul out noxious weeds such as bind weed, mugwort and needle grass.  Remember, A Guide to Organic Gardening is available for download and it discusses and shows pictures of these weeds.

5.  When watering, if you turn the water on at the hydrant and not at the faucet nearest your plot, please remember to turn the hydrant off when you are done watering.

6.  Finally, no planting of beans until AFTER JUNE 21st.

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