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Hello Kentucky Gardeners, here are some important updates:

1. If anyone has information regarding the recent removal of the rubber lock protection devices on the two entry gates, please call Michael Mishaga at 216-798-3426 or [email protected]

2. Tree Planting:  Kentucky Garden has a policy against the planting of trees because of their root structures and shading of other plots.  Individual trees are limited to Fig Trees because they have limited root structures.  Existing Fig Trees and Peach and Hazel Nut Trees in plot 101 are grandparented in.  A Gardener who plans to plant a Fig Tree must seek prior approval of the Steering Committee.  The Steering Committee can be contacted through the following email: [email protected]

3. If you see a water leak, please contact Carl Schiller at 216-666-1862.

4. Garden Rule #8 includes, “Keep pathways clear.”  Maintaining the path next to your plot does not constitute credit for community hours.

This is an extremely busy time of the year for the Garden.  If you need advice on what you can do to complete your community hours, please contact Rick Werner at 216-543-1969 or Michael Mishage at 216-798-3426.  Market Garden sales will be starting very soon and there are plots that need to be prepared for market garden garlic planting.

Kentucky Garden 2018 Application (75 KB)