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It's almost that time.... Time to put your plot to bed for the season

As we approach the end of the 2018 growing season at Kentucky Garden, there are several things that you can do to prepare your plot(s) for next year by enriching the soil and cleaning out the debris and tidying up the borders, small fences, tomato cages and so forth.  

If you are a first year gardener and plan to return next year, the plot you have been assigned to this year will be assigned to you next year.

Here are a few suggestions that we hope you will find helpful:

1.  Pull out all of the spent plants, cut them up and put into your trenches.  Beans are one of the plants that you can leave the roots in the ground as they are full of nitrogen nodules that provide nutrition for the soil;

2.  If you are not using the trench method of composting, put them aside (be sure to shake off all that good dirt) and have them ready to put in the dumpster in October or take them home to put in your home garbage bins;

3.  Pull out your stakes and tomato cages and other such things and either take them home or organize them and secure them in your plot(s).  Hoses should be rolled up and put on the table outside the field house unless it is your hose.  If that is the case, please take it home;

4.  Enrich your soil by rototilling your plot(s) and then planting a cover crop such as winter rye or red clover.  We will have winter rye available at $1.00 per quart bag towards the end of September.  We recommend that you have it planted no later than the end of October.  The winter rye is extremely easy to plant as all you have to do is evenly spread it and then rake it in followed by a thorough watering.

5.  Finally, please, please clean your paths so that you will not have a healthy crop of mugwort and bind weed next spring.  Once you have cleaned it, spread a thick layer of wood chips on the path.  It will do wonders to hold back the growth of both menaces.

Alert:  Remember, all community hours must be completed by 12/31/18.  The later in the year it gets, the fewer opportunities you have to get your hours in.  Unworked hours will cost you $10.00/hr. and payment must be paid in full if you are going to be in good standing for the 2019 season.